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So This Is My Why Podcast

In this episode, the podcast uncovers what Michael was like as a child (he took apart the first computer he received), how he convinced his dean to let him skip a year at university, before selling his house and car to start his first IT managed services startup. 

In this episode, we will get to know the ins and outs of Venture Capital. Ronster hosts Michael Lints, a Partner of Golden Gate Ventures. Michael shares what a VC does in great depth like how they raise funds. He also shares what he thinks the Philippine ecosystem should to improve and catch up with the region. 

Future Farm

What do you do when the world stops turning and your day-to-day responsibilities shift? How do you find new meaning? What do you see as real value to your life? As a VC, how do you build stronger relationships with the founders? Michael shares with Vladi and Nektarios how he had to dig deep to understand what was happening and be candid with himself.

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