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The Southeast Asian Venture Capital ecosystem has come a long way. I joined Golden Gate Ventures in 2013, when the regional startup ecosystem was still relatively nascent to other startup ecosystems such as China and India. 

Reports and Research
In collaboration with INSEAD Global Private Equity Initiative, Golden Gate Ventures published the second edition of the Exit Landscape Report. The report talks about the history and forecast of startup exits in Southeast Asia. An estimated US$52B of Venture Capital has been invested into Southeast Asia in the last 10 years. The potential of the ecosystem is clear, and its resilience has only persisted. In 2020, the total investment stood at US$8.2B — a narrow contraction from 2019 compared to other regions. The start of 2021 has already broken all fundraising records for technology startups.

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Trends over the Past 10 years

Funding for tech startups in Southeast Asia has grown 50x from US$130 million in 2010 to US$7.7 billion in 2020, according to the SEA Startup Ecosystem 2.0 report from Singapore-based VC firm Golden Gate Ventures.
Ecommerce, fintech, and entertainment and media were the three sectors with the most startups getting big funding (more than US$50 million) in the time span.
[Source: Tech in Asia]

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